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E.Y. - Israel said:
Receptive skills - reading and listening are two of the four basic skills of any language. Our receptive skills uses our minds to understand, process them into our pre-existing knowledge to gain understanding f our world around us. We use special skills when reading and listening such as predicting, scanning, skimming, detail information, and deduction from a context. All for the reasons to 1. purposeful and 2. entertainment. How do we teach and learn receptive skills? Language through reading/text can be captured so as teachers we are able to pre-teach vocabulary that may be difficult or unknown and another way to be one step ahead is for the teacher to carefully select texts for our students. We want a variety of non-authentic and authentic texts for our students so that they are exposed and presented with not only knowledge that they may already know, but to expand on that knowledge. Another way is to present interesting topics according to our students with an array of focal points for not only one individual student, but interests that cater to each student. With any teaching point, creating motivation and engaged students is important. Lastly, to provide a challenge for our students through comprehension tasks to check and promote understanding in whatever subject/topic.