TESOL Puning

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A. B. – U.S.A. said:
From the first part, i learnt many different methods.Each method in methodology is quite difference but the things in same are students need amount of input from teacher at first and then do output as much as then can,we should encourage them to practice more and discover languages for themselves also let them feel free when they are learning.Students should be motivated, there is an effective method i learnt from this unit is ESA.E is for Engage,we also can call this to be a \"warmer\",the aim for this part is to engage them and get them thinking and talking in English as much as possible.S is for Study,the activities in this part we should let students focus on language and how it is constructed.A is for Activate,students in this part should be encouraged to speak freely,cause the focus is on fluency and accuracy with no restrictions on language usage.And also there are many useful and fun activities for each stage that i can use in my following classes.During the class we should be attention when we correct them,try to let them do self correction at first. The feedback at last is to encourage self-awareness and improvement.