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K.L. - Japan said:
This was a great lesson. I wasn't expecting the first video to be that awful. I was cringing while watching the first video. I remember the first time I taught an ESL class, I felt pressured to teach grammar, and taught grammar in that manner. I will never forget how unprepared and uncomfortable I felt! I will also never forget how nervous and intimidated my students were by me. I even said, \"Come on, this is easy, can someone give me an example of...?\" My students were quiet and avoiding eye contact. Another mistake I made was what the teacher did in the first video which was turning his back to his students and not giving clear instructions. The students were lost and confused. The second video was pleasant to watch. I wish he drew his imaginary animal on the board or drew on a 18x24\" paper with bold, thick lines so the students could see it better. Some of them couldn't see his drawing at all.This was the weakest part of the lesson. I wish they had an example of different levels such as Advance, or High Advance. I think the lesson on Animals was great but it would be too easy for High Advance students. I wish I can see an example of a High Advance class.