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V.S. - Canada said:
The two videos shown in this unit both contrast heavily from one another. While they use the same lesson, and similar straight arrow ESA lesson plan, the students respond very differently depending on the teacher's presentation of the material. The first video shows us the teacher speaking very short and somewhat abrasively. He introduces a concept without clearly explaining its meaning, all while saying that the material was very easy to understand. This made students very reluctant to interact with the teacher, and this all started from the Engage phase of the lesson. The student's confidence levels are lower throughout the rest of the lesson and are less inclined to participate and therefore most likely did not grasp the material. In the second video, the lesson plan results in a vastly different outcome, where students are participating and seem to understand the concepts. From the beginning, the teacher introduces himself and asks the students their names, in order to break any tension and make the students comfortable. He speaks slower and enunciates more clearly, all with a friendlier tone. His Engage phase has students interested through the use of a game. In the study phase he makes sure students understand the concepts at hand, and he successfully connects this to the Activity phase where students are able to apply what they have learned to the activity. Clearly, being more mindful of one's gestures, tone, and pacing will greatly influence the students and their reception of information.