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S.K. - Canada said:
This unit provided a detailed and comprehensive overview of teaching theories, methods, and techniques. I found this unit to be especially helpful, as I do not have a background in teaching. It was helpful to learn about the varying methods and techniques of teaching, as well as when it might be more appropriate to use one over another. I also liked that the unit emphasized using a combination of techniques, in order to keep students interested with a balance of activities. It was beneficial to think about teaching and learning in three distinct phases: Engage, Study, and Activate, and the unit clearly explained and provided examples of each stage and how they differ and relate to one another. After reviewing this unit, I have a much better understanding of what a class might look like from beginning to end, as well as which techniques and activities are the most effective for specific learning and teaching goals. I also appreciated the detail of the activity examples in this unit. I will definitely refer back to this unit and my notes on this unit when developing a lesson plan at the end of the course, and I will refer to it when actually teaching in a classroom!