TESOL Reidsville North Carolina

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There are several different ways to teach various levels of students. What can be clear to see throughout this section is that there is no perfect way to teach it. However, one element that allows for a great amount of variation throughout is ESA which teaches teachers to go through the structure of Engage, study and Activate. All three of these elements should be included throughout the lesson plan to keep the students engaged. All of the elements involved can be invoked through several methods; straight line, Boomerang & Patchwork. In my personal opinion, it seems that Patchwork could potentially have the best effect as the students understand the objective of the lesson i.e. what they are meant to learn. Similarly, the lesson can become free flowing and evolving throughout the lesson to focus on the students' needs. One element I feel all new teachers will struggle with is the element of correction and feedback, to continue to keep the student aware but also positive and engaged can be seen to be a problem.