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C.C. & J.B. - China said:
It is important to establish good rapport (a good student-teacher relationship), in the classroom. Students should respect their teachers as their teachers respect them. The classroom environment should encourage students to share and speak. More opportunities for students to talk and discuss topics in English, should be given. Teachers should only talk when giving instructions, giving examples or helping students to pronounce and understand something. How the classroom is organized will depend on the size of the class, the age of the students, their nationality, their personalities and the space available. A teacher should maintain discipline in the classroom when necessary, according to the situation at hand. A teacher should not dominate the classroom, students should feel they can talk and should talk more than the teacher depending on what is happening in the classroom. When giving instructions teachers should be consistent, using the same words as to not confuse students and give demonstrations. Teachers should be aware of issues students are having when it comes to behavioral problems and discipline in the classroom. The classes should be varied and keep students stimulated and interested in learning English.