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Present tense is a grammatical form of verbs which usually the time of the action take place. There are four type of present tense: 1. Present simple tense - (a)To tell about something that we routinely do. e.g. I sleep every night. (b)To state a fact or general truth. e.g. We eat to live. (c)To show an action happening now. e.g. I go to school. 2. Present continuous tense - (a)To tell about an action that is still going on at the time of speaking. e.g. It is raining still. (b)To tell something about future. e.g. He is leaving school next year. (c)To describe a changing or developing situation. e.g. Her skin color getting dark. 3. Present prefect tense - (a)To tell about an action which has just now finished or completed. e.g. He has done the work. (b)To state the past action with present result. e.g. I have lost my purse. 4. Present prefect continuous tense - To describe the continuous of an action that just completed. e.g. I have been reading this book since last week.