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Unit 16 covers Conditionals and Reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing \"if\" or similar expressions such as \"when\" which refer to past, present or future possibilities. There are two clauses in a conditional sentence the 'if\" clause and the main clause and either one can come at the beginning of the sentence. There First, Second, Third and mixed conditional sentences which are used to express different aspects of time, including the hypothetical. Reported speech deals with rewording conversational dialogue so the meaning can be properly conveyed with the proper tenses used.In the unit, I have learnt several structures used in The Future Tenses, which seemed quite difficult at the beginning. Based on the form and usage shown in the packet, I made a form to compare and contract the different structures, making the contents much easier to understand. I have designed some assignments or tasks to help students master the usage in a meaning way. I will assign a writing task titled ?My Dream Job? or ?Life in 10 Years?, hoping students will use different structures in their writings. Before they hand in the writing, I will have them do the peer correcting first.