TESOL Sao Paulo

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M. P. - China said:
This unit covered a lot, ranging from establishing rapport, to maintaining discipline, to general interactions between teacher and student. It is important to have a strong understanding of how to arrange a class, whether it be physical location or how to pair students when participating in group work. It is good to change things up and keep pairs fresh when splitting the class into small groups or pairs. I learned that the teacher is always adapting to the environment and must be flexible to the current situation. For example, if it seems as though the students are not receiving enough talk time, it would beneficial to change the focus to the student and reduce teacher talk time. The more the students speak, the more they will learn on their own instead of relying solely upon the teacher. It is also important that the teacher does not become too domineering in the classroom. For example, using certain gestures or singling out students might create discord and bad rapport between the student and the teacher. This could lead to the student being less willing to learn. Instead, try to keep the lessons inclusive and participatory. This takes stress off of both the teacher and the students.