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The main thing I learned from this unit was the difference between past perfect and past perfect continous. The key word here is \"continuous\", showing that the way native speakers talk about these completed actions is not the same depending on the context of sentences. As a teacher it is very impotant to distinguish between these for students from other countires, particularly those in which past, present, and future tenses are not as complicated as in the English language. For example, in my experience teaching in China and learning the Chinese language there are only three real tenses corresponding to past simple, present simple and future simple- a vaguely translated example could be \"yesterday I went to the shop\" (past simple) \"I went to the shop and then I saw my friend, he was playing a video game then we went home\" (in English this would be categorised as past present continous, but in Chinese there are other parts of speech used to convey the same meaning).