TESOL Semarang

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A.P. – U.S.A. said:
When teaching, it's necessary to be aware of material that will be used to teach the class. Authentic materials are anything source of material that is used by a native speaker. They can be difficult for students. as they aren't designed to be taught and graded, but are useful in building confidence and understanding of the English language. Created materials can be borrowed or made by teachers and are easily implemented in classrooms. The coursebook is one of the most important created materials that can be used and can determine the dynamic of the lesson. It is up to the teacher to decide if a coursebook will be used and how they will apply it to the lesson. I believe that it would benefit both the teacher and the students for the teacher to adapt the coursebook to their own teaching style. This will allow the teacher, especially if it is an inexperienced teacher, to build their confidence in teaching and experiment with different teaching techniques. With students, it will allow them to discover what is the best way for them to learn and suggest modifications for the teacher to implement in later lessons.