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As a non- English native speaker I can say that learning past tenses is not that hard, even though irregular verbs are quite difficult to remember, but what seriously represent a challenge is to notice the right time to use all that knowledge when speaking. In the other hand, the satisfaction you feel when you notice that your daily speech is as fluent and correct as a native speaker, is huge. That is the kind of experience that I want to provide my students, and after having read this Unit, now I am able to list some activities that can help me go through the ?difficulties of Past tenses?.Like unit 4, the past tenses are something that i know very well. I know the difference between them, and the differences there are with the present tenses. I like the past tenses because i like the irregular verbs a lot. But im aware that that might be something difficult for the students to learn, because the best way to learn them is by using them, and the best way to use them is by speaking in english all the time, and unfortunately english is not the first language in chile. So it is going to be a challange for me to teach this unit to my future students, but is a challange im glad to take.