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C.O. - Korea said:
Unit 20 I found to be about potential problems teachers face and how to find the answer. It seems that this Unit is more in-depth look at the problems mentioned in Unit 5 about managing classes. Unit 20 speaks on First lessons and warmers; how to establish rapport from the first day or interest in the day's lesson. Different levels and large classes; the challenges of having stronger and weaker students and the difficulty of portioning time to address the challenges of so many students. Use of L1 by students and teachers and difficulties with listening; the importance of a teacher to encourage an only English classroom while understanding the necessity that some students may need further clarification on some point of a lesson and finding out other ways to increase listening comprehension. All areas need to be acknowledged in the back of a teachers head, so that we can notice if they happen in the classroom. While some things can be planned ahead of time, like activities for the class, others need to be addressed 'on the fly' because some problems can cause more problems if not addressed quickly enough. Such as when a stronger student is dominating a weaker student, both students may lose motivation and focus on the lesson if not addressed soon enough.