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A.P. - Colombia said:
My Master's degree included many linguistics classes, so this unit was quite familiar to me. Naturally, I'm one of those teachers who focuses heavily on pronunciation in my classes, and I find the students to be delighted to learn the nuances of English pronunciation. It's like a light comes on! Understanding where and how sounds are pronounced is indispensable when helping students articulate sounds that don't occur in their mother tongue. And often it's not difficult to say - just different. For example, some languages don't have the \"th\" sound. But it's easy to put your tongue between your teeth and blow (or add vocalization in the voiced version). I wish phonetics were a part of all ESL teacher training. It really is a game-changer. So this unit is wonderful for new teachers or those without prior exposure to phonetics. Also, alongside the phonetic alphabet, I always teach my students the concept of short and long vowels. After all, that's how native English speakers learn the vowel sounds, which in turn helps us to understand many spelling patterns.