TESOL Shiraz

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E.P. – U.S.A. said:
This unit taught me what are productive skills; speaking and writing, and how to approach their teaching in the classroom using different activities. There are two different types of speaking activities - accuracy and fluency activities. The accuracy activities are teacher controlled activities and are usually during the study phase, as we want the students to produce accurate and correct language, so that is our focus. In fluency activities we want the students to be as fluent and creative as possible with the language they know, so these activities would nit be controlled by the teacher. Fluency activities are usually done at the activate phase. I also learnt about teaching writing skills. A fun and interesting way of teaching would be a creative writing activity where the students can write down a story according to a given subject. The subject has to be interesting for them so they would take part in the activities. It also important to correct the punctuation and spelling. This units also gives ideas for games that can be played in the classroom as speaking and writing activities.