TESOL Shiyan

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C.S. - China said:
Lesson planning is an important part of teaching. It allows you to organize your ideas and plans on paper and structure the material you desire to teach in an easy to follow manner. A lesson plan can be referred to during the lesson in order to stay on track with time and the flow of the lesson. It can also become a record of what has been taught as well as be a guide for a substitute when you are unable to teach class. As important as a good lesson plan, it is important to keep in mind that it should be flexible and adaptable to the students' needs during a lesson. A lesson plan should contain general information (time/date, room #, # of students, level of students, context, focus, both learner and teacher objectives, as well as a list of potential student and teacher problems with plausible solutions). The plan should also include the procedure of the objectives will be achieved denoting the phase of each activity as well as the time allotted and the interaction taking place (student>teacher, teacher>student or student>student). Also, an instructor should arrive early and make sure the classroom is prepped and ready (seats arranged, board clean, equipment working properly) as well making sure all the materials are ready and staged for the lesson.