TESOL Shunde

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E.N. – U.K. said:
This time different teaching equipment got presented. It varied from tape recorders to videos, book, blackboards, and many more. Not all equipment must be present all the time, but one thing every classroom needs to have is a board. There are different types: e.g. flipcharts. These can be used when no board is available or the room isn?t big enough for a board. Blackboards are the common boards where teachers and students can write on with chock. Many people dislike chock, so many teachers use whiteboards. On these you can write with special nonpermanent markers. Interactive white boards are the newest kind of board. These need to be positioned at a place where everyone can see and the light doesn?t get in the way (since it is a display). The planned lesson can be presented on these, modified on the fly, etc. since it is a computer. But a teacher should always be prepared to work without it in case electronics fail. The rest of the unit went on about online and real life materials for teachers & students such as dictionaries worksheets different kind of media (videos, podcasts,?) and gave some input on how to use them.