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S.W. - France said:
The Unit4 of the online 120-hour TEFL course covers the Tenses that make English language, it focused on the present tenses and its` four aspects, they are simple present, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous, this unit also states the form and usage of each aspect as well as the expected students errors\\mistakes. The simple present tense is formed with a subject followed by the base form and they are normally used when talking about daily routine, facts, headline news, etc. The present continuous is usually formed with a subject followed by the auxiliary verb ``be`` followed by an ing form of a verb. e.g I am walking at the moment. The present perfect tense is formed with a subject plus aux verb ``have`` plus past participle verb, e.g you've lived in Turkey for 2 years. Finally, the present perfect continuous tense is usually formed with a subject plus aux verb ``have`` plus`` been`` plus an ing form of a verb, e.g They've been playing since morning. And each aspect has both the negative and question forms. This Unit helped me to refresh my knowledge about tenses, it also gave me a series of fun and easy teaching ideas that I can use in the classroom during activate stage activities.