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D.G. - Argentina said:
In Unit 17, the various types of equipment and teaching aids were introduced. In today's modern technological age, we present teachers are lucky to have such a wide range of technology such as Interactive whiteboards, DVDs and video cameras as they allow students to be much more visually stimulated and motivated when it comes to learning English or any other subject in general. However, even though these advances have revolutionized teaching, there is still room for more traditional equipment and teaching aids when it comes to teaching English. Equipment and aids such as worksheets, dictionaries, coursebooks and the simple board all have their advantages when it comes lesson planning. For example, worksheets allow the teacher to write their own exercises using their own materials and dictionaries offer a clear meaning and usage for a certain target word. The unit has also provided a wide range of online sources that will be of great use for lesson planning and making my lessons more entertaining and stimulating for my students. In the end, there is no definitive correct way a teacher may use equipment and teaching aids. The only best way is knowing how to use them correctly and effectively for the benefit of the teacher's lesson and the student's English progress.