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C.P. - Korea said:
This unit on lesson planning gave the reasons why we plan, how to go about planning, what should be in the actual plan, and provided sample plans to follow. At its most basic, a plan should include general information about the class (class level, room number, number of students) and what should happen during the lesson. I learned that teachers should plan to create a logical sequence to the lesson, as a working document, for record keeping purposes, and as a way to give anyone covering your class a guide to what your class is learning. I also learned about the process for study actives starting with a demonstration, followed by eliciting a correct response, then lastly giving out the study materials (worksheets etc). Monitoring the activities from a distance and not interrupting also gives teachers a chance to note progress and some common errors. By planning our lessons we create an organized structure to what happens in the classroom, but it is important to remember that teachers also must be flexible and not use the plan as a rigid form since both organization and flexibility are both important skills for teaching.