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M.V. - France said:
Unit 10 has shown us two video lessons that show different interactions between the teacher and the students. In the first lecture, the lesson seems boring and dull. The students are lack of interest to the class material and information that the lecturer is giving out, the occurrence of this situation might due to the teacher is not passionate about the class and unable to adjust the method and stages of teaching according to the students? levels and abilities. However, in the second video, the students show great effectiveness in learning even the same material is given. The reason might lead to this result is the teacher is trying to approach the students with a positive attitude and provide with clear and simple instructions of what he is trying to achieve during each stage of the lesson. The contrast between the two classes in the videos has indicated that great impact can appear on students? interest while learning a language if the teacher is not presenting his or her enthusiasm, correct gesture and tone to the learners. Positive attitude and environment can raise students? interest, if teachers can be aware of their tone and gesture in class, students will be able to gain knowledge more effectively.