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L.J. – U.K. said:
This unit discussed the many complex features of English pronunciation and the field of phonology, which explores the sound system of particular languages (in this case, the phonology of the English language). It also highlighted the need for pronunciation to be taught (using the theories and tools of phonology) as an integral part of English courses. This is supported by research, which shows the majority of English learners consider pronunciation to be one of the most difficult parts of learning English (over writing and understanding, for example). There are many different ways to approach the teaching of pronunciation, with the methods and length of time dedicated to this subject largely dependent on teachers' preferences as well as confidence. Nonetheless, it is important for all teachers to recognise that absolute perfection should not be expected of English learners when teaching pronunciation. While students can certainly improve their English pronunciation, it is unlikely that they will ever reach the level of a native speaker, and therefore the teacher must be encouraging but also realistic in their expectations.