TESOL Uhrichsville Ohio

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In this unit, I learned common methods and techniques of teaching throughout the years, why they were developed, and the pros and cons of each one. The ESA teaching method of Engage, Study, and Activate was studied in depth in this unit, since this method is particularly good for new teachers and trainees, and it also incorporates the positive aspects from many of the previously discussed teaching methods. Also, in this unit I learned how to devise a simple lesson plan based on the ESA method and variations of the ESA method. Examples of this would be the straight arrow method (Engage, Study, Activate), the Boomerang method (Engage, Activate, Study, Activate), and a Patchwork method. All of these lessons should begin with Engage and end with Activate, and each method has different pros and cons as well. Finally, I learned about various ideas, games, and activities to use with students for each of these three stages of the ESA method, and how to properly engage and correct the students in a constructive way.