TESOL Upton Maine

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This unit discussed issues that could arise within a classroom and provided different ways to address them. This unit talked about building rapport with the students, dealing with large groups, as well as students at different levels. The first lesson and warmers information taught me different ways to interact with my students so that I can build bonds with them and make them feel comfortable. The large class and multi-level students section taught me how to help monitor a class when the students out number me while also showing me how to make sure each student is learning at their own pace.In this unit we went through the methods and techniques the teacher needs to use in the classroom in order to make lessons interesting and effective. There are many useful methods such as PPP and the Silent way. The most interesting is ESA, because it allows to include in the lesson other methods of teaching and gives teachers a great deal of flexibility in the classroom. Also we were given many ideas for all the stages of ESA such as hangman, fizz-buzz, word-linking etc. Correction techniques were given so teachers know how to show students their mistakes without hurting their confidence.