TESOL Varanasi

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D.E. - Mexico said:
This unit emphasizes the importance of receptive skills. Receptive skills are composed of reading and listening, while productive skills are composed of speaking and writing. Receptive skill are generally used for two reasons. First, we use it to acquire relevant information to achieve certain goal. Second, we use it for general entertainment. These two reasons however are not mutually exclusive. Maybe we can gleam certain insight from a person's joke, or someone presents a real issue in a playful manner, these are the examples where our receptive skills play an important part in it. To improve the receptive skill of English learner, we need to carefully select the materials and clarify the context beforehand. If the teaching material contains some harder than usual vocabulary, it is our duty to explain to the student how it works and how it fits within the narrative context. The best way to generate interest in the student, is by asking about their general interest. Later, we can use that information to prepare the class that cater to their interest while integrate with the ESA methods.