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A lot of this material was new to me. While I'm familiar with many of the techniques or styles described in the methodologies section, I hadn't formally learned about them as such. I honestly had a very negative reaction when reading about \"Suggestopaedia,\" to the point where I did some outside research on it. While there is some support for the method, I tend to agree with the critics who decry it as a \"pseudo-science.\" Something I quite enjoyed from this unit was the list of activities. Some I know quite well, but others were new to me I plan on adapting them for my French students!I found unit 16 to be very challenging and it took me longer to study for this exam than the others. The unit is explained very well in the unit but I got a little confused when it was explained on the video I felt he was a little under confident when explaining conditionals and reported speech. The overview of the sections did help though. I found the teaching ideas to be quite useful as they helped me to understand the concept of the unit, I like the idea of asking others in the class to finish the sentence already started as this gets the students speaking and using the formulas given.