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S.C. - South Africa said:
There was so much material covered in this unit. I think I was overwhelmed. Could be because this is my third unit in one day. This was a weighty unit but one that I could have focused on better if I had answered the Task Skills as I went through the material. The task skills really narrowed down the focus of what was important and truly relevant and what was good information but could be treated as resource material since we can download the unit and use as a reference. The stakes are higher in this unit. There are only 15 questions. This has been the most rigorous unit thus far. There are some teaching techniques that I can implement in my own class immediately (open palm rather than point, allow another student to correct rather than me be 2nd if student does not self correct, no more teacher using L1 during lesson! I am conscious that I need to work on my elicitation skills and focus on getting more student speaking in class. I would like to observe a Silent Way class. I would like the names of more communicative games. I will do a Google Search and check my school resource closet to see if we have any. Found website that creates mad libs and puzzle maker to put their spelling words in crossword.