TESOL Wafangdian

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S.K. - U.S.A. said:
Unit 17 is all about Conditionals, reported and direct speech. Conditionals are sentences containing \"if'(or similar expressions such as \"when\")which refers past, present and future possibilities.I have learnt , there are two clauses , th e\"if\" clause and the main clause .Also the five main conditionals are Zero comditional(if/when+present tense, present tense and use to refer to factsand actions that are irrefutable), first( if+present simple, will ,and use to talk about \"real\"situations in the future that is possible ,probable or even certain, once the conditions has been satisfied).second (if+past simple, would/might/could +base form and use to communicate present or future \"unreal\", hypothetical situation that is presently not true or is unlikely ever to be true ).third conditional ( if+ past perfect ,would /could/might +have+past participle and use to refer to hypothetical past action (or non action)and the hypothetical past result). Mixed conditional ( if+past perfect,would +base form). Some teaching ideas like split sentences, complete the conditional,chain conditionals etc will be very helpful .Finally , Reported and direct speech , I have learned that when changing a statement from direct to reported certain changes are made at the level of tenses . For example ,present simple( direct) changes to past simple ( reported speech) , will (direct) Would ( reported) ,etc . Finally , teaching ideas like , intermediaries , reporting verbs ,media interview .