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C.G. – U.S.A. said:
Teaching special groups consist of the following types of classes : Teaching beginners which is further divided into( The absolute beginner: students who have never learnt English before , the false begginners , the adult beginner, the young beginner and the begginner without Roman alphabet ).Moreso, teaching beginners require teaching tips like : be aware of your students needs, arrange the classroom, pace your lesson ,use pair and gropu work and so on .Furthermore ,I learnt that the following suggestions can be very helpful when teaching individual students :many activities from course book, use avarity of activities and techniques, find out the the students` specific language problem etc .Also , I learnt that short stories , articles from newspapers, magazines , idioms, phrasal verbs, videos etc can be very suitable for 1-1 activities . This unit also elaborate much on teaching children , ( the dos and don`ts when teaching children) , and business English/Englisg for specific purposes. Finally ,monolingual( students from the same country ) and multilingual class ( students from different nationalities).