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S.R. – U.S.A. said:
After studying this unit there is one thing which became apparent when using future tenses in English. The main thing to consider when deciding which tense to use should be whether or not the sentence is based on real fact or prediction. A good example of this is the statement \"I will go to school tomorrow\". This is a statement of absolute fact, but an ESL learner may use it in the context of a different variation of future tense. The teacher may say \"what do you want to do in the holidays?\" and the student may respond \"I will go fishing\". If the student has not learned about the different variations of future tense their meaning may be lost, especially if their own native language does not have the same tense variations as English. What may seem to be a simple answer could carry a different meaning, especially if the confusion is between the \"going to\" future and the future simple. In this example the students meaning could be ?I would like to go fishing?, which is dependent on a number of factors, but without the proper knowledge and application of future tenses the means to communicate in proper English may be lost.