TESOL West Mineral Kansas

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The unit thoroughly examined the role of a teacher as the manager of the class. It covered every segment of it starting from the teacher?s posture to the way of interacting with various students. Useful instructions are given in the unit concerning how the teacher should use their tone of voice and body language. However these are merely instructions, yet they need to be perfected in practice based on the natural resources each teacher possesses. It is of course useful to get familiarized with advantages and disadvantages of students grouping options and classroom arrangement; however some of the points mentioned here are very predictable and easy-to-guess. The 2 most important factors of the unit can be considered the methods of giving instructions as well as the right ways of using the boards. All in all quite a lot of the points mentioned in this unit were already introduced in previous unit, specially the part of teacher/student talk times, thus making the unit less informative but more drilling.