TESOL Williamstown Pennsylvania

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Being a very disorganized person myself, I find this lesson planning quite important. I am a bit concerned that things would go out of hand so lesson planning is a life savior to me. I like the idea that we should always be prepared for eventual problems and make sure to have the solutions so this would add to one's confidence and remove some of the stress from the unexpected. Hopefully experience will be gained in a short time. Also being ready to meet and greet the students is very nice. I hated when I entered a class and teacher was busy erasing the board or still preparing her lesson.When I was working on the previous TEFL course, I had a hard time completing my final lesson plan assignment. I spent many hours working on it and perfecting it the best I could. This was a huge challenge for me because as a teacher, I write lesson plans constantly, I can do it in my sleep. What I wasn?t understanding (at first) was that I know how to write plans for students who speak English, and who I am teaching in English. I needed to rethink of how I was used to writing lesson plans and put myself into the mindset of the teacher who is teaching English to non English speakers.