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Teaching pronunciation and phonology is a most interesting topic, which is often neglected by teachers - both native and foreign - due to a lack of confidence in the topic. Applied phonetics is rarely taught in school or at higher tertiary levels. It is seen as an abstract subject. Phonology is the science, analysis and the classification of the physical properties of sound. In this Unit, stress, intonation and rhythm were studied, along with the International Phonetic Alphabet. \"Intonation\" deals with the variations in pitch and volume in a sentence whereas \"stress\" is more concerned with individual words. Advice on how to teach intonation is given, which could include the use of nonsense words or gesture, for example. Information on stress included two simple rules, but warned that there are many exceptions! A comprehensive look at the phonemic alphabet covered the phonemic symbols, articulation and techniques which could be used for the teaching of individual sound production.