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N.C. - Ecuador said:
Teaching new language is simply exposing students to it, get them to understand it?s meaning, understand how it is constructed and being able to practice and produce it. Grammar is the tree-trunk and branches of a language on which the leaves of vocabulary and functions add beauty and variety. Vocabulary?s difficulties or ease depend on how similar the English is to their own language, to known words, spelling, pronunciation and appropriacy factors. The criteria of selecting vocabulary are the appropriateness to students and to tasks, the frequency of use what they come across, the coverage applied to different situations and their teachability to understand it clearly and visually. Students need to know the meaning, the use, the word grammar, the interaction and the spelling of vocabulary. Students need to know the meaning, use, form and patterns and spoken and written forms of grammar. Students need to know language function areas such as inviting, refusing, agreeing and disagreeing, suggesting, etc. and the appropriateness of the kind of language they use ? formal, informal, tentative, technical, etc.