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T.S. - South Africa said:
This unit detailed the importance of the two receptive aspects of learning a language; listening and reading. It also gives the two reasons or motivations each person has in using these receptive skills, which are for either utilitarian purposes or for entertainment or leisure. It then outlines the 5 different ways we go about reading so that we can absorb that information the most effectively, from predicting what's in an article by the headline, to understanding cliche's or metaphors from context. It then goes on to explain the teaching methods best used to get the students the most involved in a lesson that is targeted to these listening or reading. It explains that you need to both keep it interesting by making sure that you're using different materials to make sure that all students are interested despite having different interests, and that you organize the lesson so that you can get them interested during the engage phase with an interesting video, song, or story to get them talking about and associating with the topic. I think that, again, I found the examples of different engagement activities to be very useful for when I plan lessons in the future.