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L.E. - India said:
This unit reviews many resources to prepare for working in the world of business English. The unit discusses business etiquette. For example, it is recommended to research customs for the country in which you teach, always address people formally until you are sure about what is considered appropriate, and to avoid sarcasm altogether. The cyborlink website is very helpful. The unit reviews tips for finding employment, such as travelling to your target country to find a job in order to better familiarize yourself with the environment and even talk with current employees to learn about the company in advance. The unit provides a long list of suggested questions to ask a prospective employer in order to make a well-informed decision about the job. The unit also reviews key information to include in a resume, which is quite different than the standard information on an American resume. Date of birth and marital status, as well as personal interests, are recommended to be included. Additionally, the unit provides useful links for professional organizations.