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H.M. - China said:
As we all know, being prepared before the class is rather important for the teacher to teach during the class. It will make the class under control, especially for new teachers, the class materials are all quite new, and they are easy for teachers to forget the procedures. For the same level class, teaching targets are the same , but students are different. It is difficult to predict which new part will come out or what difficult situations and question will be there for teachers. So having a good and well-prepared lesson plan is the most important solution. However, we cannot put all of script on it. What can help us are the main points of teaching objects, which let us have a glimpse within the class to remind us of following the teaching method and procedure. The last but not least. In order to finish your class in time, we have to assign each task for different time to make sure you can finish all of parts within the time. If you spend longer in the middle parts a d then you have to cut some unnecessary parts to move on to next target. It will make teacher work well and efficiently.