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J. L. - China said:
In this unit we covered present tenses. There are four present tense forms in English. Present simple ( I work) present continuous ( I am working) present perfect (I have worked) present perfect continuous (I have been working). We use these forms to talk about the present, the future and can also use it to talk about the past. The present tense uses the verb's base form or (for third person subjects) an 's' ending. The present tense would indicate that an action is present and relative to the speaker. Generally factual and habitual. The simple present is used to express that an idea is repeated or usual. This can mean habit, daily event or something that happens often ( I play tennis) The present continuous is used to the express that something is happening now. (I am typing now) Present perfect is formed combining 'has' or 'have' with the past principle The present perfect continuous is used to talk about an action that started in the past and continued until recently, or may continue into the future. We also covered the negative forms of these examples

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