TESOL Yantai

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H.G. – China said:
Classroom management is a very essential aspect of maximizing outputs and making sure that lessons are delivered properly with a high rate of retention, absorption and efficiency. If managing the class is not efficient, for sure it will be very tiring on the part of the teacher in terms of discipline and control and delivering the knowledge. Therefore, it will result to a decrease in knowledge in general, specifically, retention and absorption. The other studentswomare willing to learn and are normally focused need to,doubly exert effort or totally loose their momentum and eagerness if the classroom atmosphere is noisy and disorganized, or we can say chaotic. In this unit, I have learned a lot in managing a class, in terms of seating arrangements that can help to control discipline and foster a more intimate friendly interaction among students. Moreover, I was able to learn some new and effective activities, group dynamics like the circle or Horseshoe seating arrangements, that can help the students to speak, interact more with each other, gain more confidence, thus attaining increased vocabulary, understanding and fluency.