TESOL Yichun

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S.C. - South Africa said:
This unit gave an overview of some of the different class types a teacher might be faced with. It gives pointers for each type of class. For example, when teaching children it is important to be aware of classroom social dynamics, manage behavior, and make class interesting and varied. It is important to remember that many if not most discipline problems stem from boredom. The teacher can remedy boredom by not letting activities drag out and by creating a warm and positive atmosphere to motivate students. Another group of students the teacher may encounter is business English students. These are often students who are required by their companies to learn English, or who are learning English for professional reasons. The teacher must be aware of group dynamics in such settings and must act very professional. The teacher must ensure that the students get material tailored to their individual needs as well as their needs as a group. There are many resources and materials that may help teachers teach English to business students. Another common type of class is the one on one lesson. These are often more intensive - they can be tiring. The material is generally covered more quickly than in a group lesson and the teacher must make sure he/she has sufficient material prepared. There are many resources to use for one on one lessons available as well. Overall, it is important for a teacher to tailor his/her lessons to the students and their needs and situations.