TESOL Yongzhou

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S.R. - India said:
During my future career as a teacher I will have to teach the language to different groups of people. For beginners you need to that lessons can be fun and that they can perform well is important to get them engaged in and positive about your classes. Your curriculum should be designed with this in mind so be sure to dedicate plenty of time to each section. Students just beginning their English studies have absolutely no idea what to expect so it is beneficial to you and all their later English teachers to help them enjoy it by encouraging them and showing them that learning another language is not an overwhelming task. When teaching children you need to make it fun for them. When teaching business english you must remember that you are teaching busy adults who are used to working towards objectives. You should therefore discuss with them at the beginning of the course what they would realistically like to achieve. This usually means breaking things down into skills: telephoning more effectively, writing more coherent emails, chairing meetings, etc. A very important part of the needs analysis process should be a discussion about the context in which the course participants need to perform: Why are they learning English? Who do they communicate with in their work and under what conditions? Someone who is learning English just to brush up fluency skills will have different needs and expectations to someone who is learning English to supervise a team working in another country.