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C.W. -France said:
Using authentic materials is one of the mainstays of an imaginative and motivating higher level courses, but rarely features at levels lower than intermediate. Using authentic materials can be rewarding and stimulating for both teacher and students. Authentic materials can encompasssuch things as radio and tv broadcasts, songs, leaflets or posters. When using the materials take into consideration the topic, target language, skills and student needs and interests. Using course books have advantages and disadvantages. Advantages such as it will be expected by the students, they provide a syllabus which is graded to the level suitable for the student, the materials will have been tried and tested before publication and they will provide good ideas for the inexperienced teacher. The disadvantages are they may not fit the specific needs and interests of all the class members, they can become predictable and boring for the student, it can make teachers lazy and prevent them from being creative and searching for activities and materials which will motivate and interest their students. When analysing a course book think about the price, methodology, topic, difficulty and syllabus. There are four options for course books the use, omit, replace, supplement and adapt.