TESOL Zahedan

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A.D. - Malaysia said:
There are many way to keep students attention, and focus in the classroom for every level. A good way to establish a good connection with your students would be to establish some good rapport at the beginning of a teaching semester. You can do things such as play games, such as the \"ball game\". One of my favorite things to do is to just keep an all together positive atmosphere, and vibe every morning with whoever I will be interacting with. One common problem for students, especially students of existing groups/classroom, will be to use their native language. A way to avoid this is will be to be sure the content is suitable for the level being taught. Also to keep boredom at a low level. We can do this by planning extra activities for quicker students, as well as just keeping the interest flowing. One thing I will keep in mind for myself is to cater to the students needs, and be sure that they are being met with equal attention. This way all knowledge will be generally, and thoroughly taken in. For every level, and at the pace desired by the individual or group.