TESOL Zaragoza

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H.R. - Korea said:
The phonemic alphabet was a complete mystery! For someone who has spoken English my whole life and speaks and reads well, I have never seen it before. I must conclude that I would only use it as a last resort as it confused me as an English speaker. That aside, I now see the real value in taking the time to make sure that words and meanings are accompanied by an emphasis on correct pronunciation. As most students are not likely to put as much emphasis on correctly articulating every word but on being understood, I would likely not spend too much time on pronunciation and phonology, but enough to make sure that they are not mispronouncing words in such a way as to be misunderstood as this would defeat the purpose of learning the language in the first place. As English speakers we do take a great deal for granted when it comes to how we actually create the sounds we've become familiar with. We also take for granted all of the odd things about our language such as joining and linking words as well as things that are spelled differently than they are pronounced. I will be sure to spend a bit of time making sure that words are pronounced properly with the use of charts, modelling, and other means. I will also take some time to master spelling phonetically the language I have so long spoken with ease!!