TESOL Zhangjiagang

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S.L. - Korea said:
This Unit showed two different video lessons, explaining how to teach and how not to teach. The videos are a bit old though and the tone is a bit weak in video 1. Other than that, the videos were not bad in comparison. It is obvious that video-1 is not the way one should hold a lesson. The teacher's attitude was very bad. I personally did not even like it. His mistakes were clearly visible. The students in the classroom seemed overwhelmed and were not able to follow and/or understand what the topic of the lesson. Overall, a very bad approach/way to teach. Very impersonal and not motivating. Video-2 in on the other hand was much better. Teacher maked nice gestures, carries a positive and motivating face expression during pretty much the entire lesson. Conclusion: Videos were good to see the differences in teaching. Questionnaire was mostly understandable, although there were some question, that had multiple correct answer in my opinion. For example, questions 11+12 are very tricky to answer and therefore a bit confusing. I would have appreciated a more direct question/answer in these two questions. Another thing I'd like to point out is the fact, that all these lesson methods are still a bit confusing and the videos form this Unit did not provide a very clear picture on that, especially in regards to the questions involving study phase (18) etc. I think it would be great and much easier to understand, if those phases would be mentioned/pointed out in the video itself.