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B.S. - New Zealand said:
Before completing Unit 2, I was familiar with the basic principles of grammar and parts of speech - the basic sentence and recognizing nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions. However, these parts of speech are multifaceted. For instance, verbs. I know verbs are the action words in a sentence - the 'doing' word. I didn't know there are two types of verbs - transitive and intransitive. A verb is transitive if there is an object directly after the verb. If there isn't an object, then the verb is intransitive. Intransitive verbs can be identified more easily because they usually are in related to time, place, and/or frequency. However, there are verbs that can be either transitive or intransitive and can only be correctly identified by looking at what is following them (object or no object). The text in Unit 2 mentions, \"this [grammar] is something that we probably were not taught at school\" (page 1), which is an observation I strongly agree with. I can easily recall lessons and exercises as a student regarding basic grammar and identifying parts of speech. And even though I may use correct, or proper, grammar while speaking or writing, the content in this Unit was very detailed and helpful in understanding the order of sentence structuring.

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