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This lesson tells all about the teaching of English to the different special groups, begginers,young learners,...I learned on the video not to be afraid of teaching English to the business comunity, something that made me feel really unease.The way in which it shows how to use materials and the way to obtain information about the individuals and the work they do itself is very conforting. Does and Don´ts are very useful as although they are generalities, they come in as very handy tips and advice to take on account when teaching to the students of those special gropups.Unit 15 explains the importance of testing and evaluating student's progress over the course of an English program. There are benefits for the teacher as well as the students in being evaluated on their current class level. For teachers, it helps to plan lessons and focus on areas where the students at large may be struggling. Most institutions, students and parents will except some form of testing but it is important not to let this be the entire focus of the class. Otherwise we risk that the motivation for a test becomes memorizing rather than knowledge in the subject.