• TESOL Course Experience


    My time in Phuket

    Since I arrived in Phuket I have been nothing but amazed, between the beautiful scenery, architecture and customs and it has been a wonderful time. The local people have been friendly, always wanting to help in any way possible, not to mention the teaching staff, which have helped in all aspects of this experience.

    From day one of the course, I knew we were going to learn something useful and that feeling has not been proven wrong. On the first day, we started an informative and pleasant information session, in which all aspects of the course were in a straightforward manner laid out. From there the first of our two sessions where we observed experienced teachers in action. This provided a very valuable insight into what our own lessons may be like in the upcoming weeks. On the third day, we started some basic grammar lessons, which made us realize how little we really know of our own language. It was also on this day that we had the chance to do our first teaching practice, which of course was scary and exciting at the same time.

    By the end of the first week, we had the decent grasp of what we were in for. Since the schools closed on weekends we had to find something to do so is on this first weekend that we decided to visit one of the many sites there are to see in Phuket.

    In week two we started a more in-depth breakdown of grammar tenses, which of course everyone dreaded but the same time looked forward too. I was also during this time that we had are unknown language lessons, which were very fun and insightful these lessons give us quite a look into what it’s like to be one of our students learning a new language that you know nothing about. Teaching practices continued every night Monday through Thursday and with every lesson, you could see confidence and skills of every one becoming that much better, this was due in part to the excellent feedback our trainers gave us but also through the natural skills of everyone enrolled in the course.

    In the third week, we continued to go deeper into the tenses, which no matter how much we did not want to we knew it was well worth the pain in the head it gave us. It was also during this week that we had the opportunity to learn about some different teaching methods other that the ESA method we use in this course, including a brief discussion on multiple intelligences, which I personally found very interesting. By the end of this week’s lessons and teaching practice many of us were well on our ways to pursuing a future in the ESL industry with a few of us having received job offers.

    In this last and final week (which I am currently in as I write this) we have all taken our grammar exam and for the most part people’s expectations have been met regarding their marks on the exam. We are very quickly closing in on our final days together as a class, which is a sad thing for most of us as we have grown together as a bit of a weird and mixed up family of sorts. Some such as myself will be staying in Phuket to teach while others are going to other countries to either return home or to teach themselves.

    Nevertheless, in the end this course has brought us more than most expected, both on a personal level and on an academic one. As a group we have grown so close and learned so much and because of this we are all the better for it, with the skills we acquired in class we will be able to travel and make a difference wherever we go. However, we have also been given the chance to make new friends and colleagues that will help us though all aspects of our lives.

  • TESOL Course Experience


    Doing the TESOL Certificate at TEFL International, Phuket has been one of the most rewarding, yet challenging things I have ever done. I am a mature age student who made the decision to have not only a career change, but a life change at the same time.

    I chose to study for my TESOL Certificate in Phuket, Thailand because I came here for a holiday and like so many others fell in love with the country immediately and decided to come back and hopefully live and work in Phuket.

    Since arriving in Phuket I have been staying at Roongrawee Mansion, a hotel a short walk from the college. We only had a small group on this course, starting out with fourteen students, however after two weeks two students left to complete the course on-line, so we have completed the course with only twelve students. The majority of students are much younger than myself, but I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to do the course with. Having such a great rapport with all of them has made the course experience that much more enjoyable.

    The trainers and in fact all of the staff at the college here in Phuket are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Having never taught previously, I was quite apprehensive about the whole teaching idea. However, we were all made to feel comfortable and at ease immediately. After observing a couple of lessons with experienced teachers, students are then expected to teach within a few days of starting the course. This was quite a daunting prospect for me, but I absolutely loved it and once I got over my initial nerves found that teaching is thoroughly enjoyable and I knew immediately that this was something I could do and do very well!!

    All classes taught by students are observed by the trainers at the college and after each lesson taught, excellent constructive and positive feedback is given to the students. I found this to be extremely valuable advice that will assist me wherever and whenever I am teaching. The more lessons the students teach, the less assistance is given by the trainers, so within a very short time students are preparing lesson plans unassisted. I found this to be an excellent method of training to be a teacher and it certainly ensures you are thinking on your feet as well as being creative and imaginative.

    From a personal perspective, I think the course content is excellent and the college provide everything you require whilst on the course, including resources and materials you may need. During the course we were required to do a Student Profile on a non-English speaking person, a Materials Project which involved creating a game and also write some journals. Once again, as I hadn’t had any teaching experience, all of this was very new to me, but I managed to do everything expected of me quite competently due to the great assistance and advice given by the staff at the college and the resources provided.

    When I arrived in Phuket my aim was to pass my TESOL Certificate and then live and work in Phuket. With the assistance of everyone at TEFL International, Phuket I am sure I will achieve my goal and have a very rewarding experience in Thailand.

    There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your students walk out of the classroom happy, laughing and knowing that they have learnt something during your lesson!!!

    Tania Webber