English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Infinitive & Gerund


And now we'll have a look at both the infinitive and the gerund. Infinitive is the word "to", followed by the base form of the verb. We"ll typically use it after a verb, specifically verbs like "want" or "hope". We can make statements like "I want to go to the beach." We also have our gerund. Our gerund is a verb followed by "-ing", but specifically used as a noun within the sentence. We have a verb plus a gerund: "I enjoy playing poker." The main verb is "enjoy" and, although "playing" looks as if it's a verb, it's actually used as the noun within the sentence. We also can use it with a preposition followed by a gerund: "How about going to the beach?" We could also put it in the front of a sentence: "Smoking is bad for you." Again, the verb plus "-ing" can act as two things within the sentence. We've got the gerund, otherwise the noun in the sentence, "Smoking is bad for you." You've also got the verb plus "-ing" in the present participle form when in its main verb of the sentence. An example there of would be "I'm not smoking."

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In this unite we have looked through four present tenses, Present Simple,Present Continuous, Present Perfect,Present Perfect Continuous. I have learned the rules of using particular tenses, in order not to get confused. This unite is quite useful with lots of examples and teaching ideas.In this unit, the learner gets to know the proper usage of past tense with good examples. Though it seems mind-boggling at certain stages and demand a great deal of attention, yet one can get it with examples and marked differentiation. The video lecture makes it more clear to understand.Grammar is important. Especially for students who's mother of tongue is not English will require study time in this past tense area. This unit divided nicely for each past tenses and the exceptions. For teaching those students this Unit will help them to understand and use better grammar.